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tvsquares's Journal

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Elite TV Icons
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TV.SQUARES is where people can post high quality tv related icons. All fandoms are accepted as long as they pertain to television shows. You must apply to gain posting access as we wish to provide as high quality icons as possible. We will only accept unique and creative icon makers in order to provide only the best. We look at cropping, coloring, texture/brush use and text use.


1. Do not try to join the community you must APPLY first, and we will send you an invite if you are accepted.
2. Include 3 teaser icons when posting. No more, no less, and all 3 must be tv related.
3. DO NOT REQUEST ICONS HERE. There are other places for such things.
4. Fake cuts are allowed, and so are multi-fandom posts, just make sure that at least 5 of the icons are TV related.
5. If you do not get in feel free to re-apply in two weeks time. There is no limit to how many times you may apply.
6. Put 'pink' in the comment subject so we know you read the rules.
7. You must be accepted by both lovebashed and turnyourankle.
8. REMEMBER TO TAG YOUR ENTRIES BY TV SHOW. If your post includes icons that are not from tv shows, they don't need to be tagged.
9. Linking to locked posts is not allowed. All posts like that will be deleted.

Still interested? Head over to the APPLICATION POST.


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Mods: lovebashed and turnyourankle

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